Rolling has never been so easy.

When size = Taste

     Discover what you have been missing

Unlock more flavor and make them perfect every time.

  • Completely New Design

                Roll the any size,

    Ultra slim 7mm  to 78 ring guage     

             Patented 2018

  • Called NeJ this Belt Roller is a game changer for patients

    Building on our existing tech we added a Rolling Machine that anyone can use.

  • 30 Seconds is all it takes

    We build our gear to make rolling easy, NeJ Roller by EZJ is the next step in making sure anyone who wants to roll can.  Improve your roll with better gear.

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What makes EZJ flow more and taste better

Two things in our advantage.  Straight tube design and the ability to roll the thinnest papers as big as you want 

What is a crutch

In an EZJ it functions as a Non-Filter designed to restrain the herbal ingredients but none of the good stuff.  It also is stiff like a glass tip and doesn't get soft.

How hard is it to roll huge EZJ?

It takes no practice, just one pull of the lever and you done.

  • Feel free to explore the world

Buy EZJ Travel kit makes road trips better, even if you didn't take a road to get there.

$ 39.95

$ 29.95

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