EZJ Medical Tip....Proper Humidity is critical for Organic medicine

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Overly dry herb burns at the incorrect temperature.  This destroys many of the organic compounds and kills the taste we are seeking when smoking an herbal cigarette.  Living in New Mexico has taught us the importance of proper humidity.  We have tried the water pillow successfully but we still wanted something more natural.  We came across the Hyrdostone.  This time tested Humidification system is small yet very effective.  This product was developed decades ago was tested vigorously in accordance with one of the leading rolling tobacco factories in Europe. 

Hydrostone is a  product is made from baked Terracotta clay and is 100% natural and additive-free and will last a lifetime when used as directed. Product is ideal for use to rehydrate or keep fresh up to 50 grams of medicine.  Simply soak the stone for 5 minutes in distilled water, as per the instructions provided, then place in a sealed container with your Medicine, and within 15 minutes you should notice your herbs moisture content refreshed.

We have found that after rolling and filling enough EZJ to last a little while is the best time to add the stone. This is way you can make sure your medicine tastes right, burns consistently and lets you taste flowers not harsh smoke.



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