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There are thousands of brands of papers on the market.  Many of these papers are cross produced by different paper manufacturers around the world.  EZJ has a plan to break down the science of matching your Herbs to the Right paper for Your desired effects.  

Paper has several functions, the first is to hold your herbs in a form factor that allows for consumption of herbal products.  Ideally the paper will not contribute any taste, leave ash, or detract from your smoking experience.

First things first.  Cigarette pre rolled papers will never be suitable for medicinal use, as it blocks out terpenes and desired compounds.  Also most paper manufacturers have material much to thick to produce the effect we are chasing.  Ideally the perfect paper only leads the edge of the burning product and doesn’t burn faster the the medicine inside or it leads to wasting.  

We will be rating paper for several factors including burn rate and temperature, leftover ash, amount of taste contributed to the medicating experience. When finished you will be able to make sense of the sea of papers on the shelf and pick the perfect paper and sound like a researched canna sommelier when doing it. 

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