EZJ official review of Cheech & Chong Rolling Papers

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EZJ official review of Cheech & Chong Rolling Papers

There is 4 Sku in the line up the paper is thin and translucent. The four packs tested were  KS & 1 1/4 Bleached and KS & 1 1/4 Hemp.   I found the paper rolls very well on the tool and the glue at the ends was fresh and not curled up.   We had a little more problems with runs than what we feel a top end paper should allow. The biggest reviewer issue was the bleached paper really overpowered the taste of the medicine, instead of inhaling flowers it was a mix of fumes...not a fun paper at all.  The Hemp paper version was comparable to Raw quality and it's nice that you get 50 sheets in the pack.

This is a mid level paper really at best.  They seem have put as much attention to its website www.cheechandchongpapers.com as it did in finding the best quality paper to source all this branding on.  With so many other premium quality papers on the market the bleached are not worth it given the high price of herb.  I would go with the Hemp as they are a good as a Raw and you get 50 per pack.

Cheech & Chong Rolling Papers  3 stars on the Hemp

                                                     2 stars on the Bleached paper.


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