EZJ official review of Truly Naked Papers

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EZJ official review of Truly Naked Papers

This rolling paper is a little different as in it's a thin paper and brown but its not a hemp paper.  It's a unbleached wood paper stock. The taste is a little like smoking a paper bag from the grocery store however not completely over powering but noticeable.  I had no problems with the packaging and this paper rolls very well on the tool and the glue at the ends was fresh and not curled up as happens when papers are exposed to high humidity. 

We did experience a few problems with small runs and the paper isn't water market to control that,  this paper however didn’t overpowered the taste of the herbs until 75-80 percent.  There is 32 sheets of paper in a  the package.  I would place this as a  mid level paper.  These guys have some work to do to finish the brand.  Once again, like some other paper manufacturers they have taken the time to list their website and not make one. The website on the packing is a dead link.  These are still worth considering for a test ride if anything just because it says Naked. but don’t expect them to outperform a Raw paper.

Truly Naked Papers gets  2.5 stars

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