EZJ official review of Zig Zag Ultra Thin

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EZJ official review Zig Zag  Ultra Thin Papers


This rolling paper is the standard at most gas stations and grocery stores. People unfamiliar with rolling papers still know Zig Zag.  The ultra thin paper is the one paper you can find everywhere.  I had no problems with the packaging and this paper rolls very well on the tool and the glue at the ends was fresh.  The glue on the papers wasn’t curled up as happens when papers are exposed to high humidity.   Zig Zag papers are made from wood pulp and flax and there is 32 sheets of paper in the package. We had almost no runs and we found this paper didn’t overpower the taste of the herbs until 85-90 percent gone.

The name Zig Zag comes from the patent on interwoven sheets of paper for automatic dispensing received in 1894.  I would place this as a upper to mid level paper.   There are other more premium papers on the market but the these are always available everywhere.   Zig Zag is a product of Republic Tobacco.

Very well priced for the quality received.

Zig Zag Papers gets  3.5 stars

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