EZJ reviews Top brand rolling paper

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                                               EZJ official review of Top rolling papers.

    Top makes a very consistent paper its composed of flax and has been used for over 100 years. This paper is a product of France, the paper material rolled fine on either EZJ tool and looks just like cigarette paper.  It is a short length paper at 70mm x 40mm and really makes a nice personal size EZJ.  The tube rolled holds .70 grams of medicine.  

Unfortunately that is really all the good I can say about this brand and its medical application.  If you are trying to make it look like a real cig this may be on the list   After smoking it I now know that traditional tobacco has paper all wrong.    I digress if  If the purpose of a rolling paper is to hold the herbs and provide a ignition source it does that.  The problem for our testers is this doesn't burn without making fine tasting herb taste like a cigarette butt in a few puffs, it was tough to smoke this thing half way down.  More surprising is as this thing sat in the ashtray it overpower the room.  There was a king size Elements EZJ that was 95% gone, it had less smell and tested better if that gives you a reference on how much smell and flavor this paper adds.

Not suitable for medical  

1 star.


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