EZJ offical review of Raw organic 11/4 Paper and cones

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Raw unbleached hemp rolling papers 1¼  Size &  Raw Cone 1¼  size.

Raw is the standard that people who know how to roll go to.  The papers rolls very consistently and the quality is top notch.  Raw features criss-cross watermarks on the paper and this reduces the chance of a run.  There is a lot of history out there on RAW and I would be foolish to think I could out write what's written but I can say this.  I have been consistently happy with RAW’s quality.  Josh Kesselman is the founder of RAW and although I haven’t met him, I can say he has accomplished a lot. This guy is worth a google search as he is into everything.  Think Elon Musk but with rolling papers and accessories.

Years ago when just starting our Smoke Shop we started with a few boxes of Raw papers.  We now devote two shelves to their products and customers have come to in counting on Raw to be there.   We sell more raw papers than any other in fact we are big Fans of Raw paper, and I would be lying if I didn’t hope that EZJ was just was recognized as Raw someday.

EZJ was invented to outperform cones and while I love the paper, frustration with cones and the time consuming task of filling them is what created EZJ.  One area where the tube shape out performed the Cone is in how much medicine they paper holds.  We filled 6 cones & 6 EZJ to see how they stacked up.  The cones held and average of .60 grams of medicine, the EZJ tube holds .9 grams in the same form factor. That's 50% more in the same size paper.  I was also able to roll and fill an EZ8 tube full of EZJ in 10 minutes.  It took the same amount of time to hand fill the 6 cones.  I was happy to not have any of the Raw cones run as happens with so many other brands.

We give Raw 4 Stars for Medical,  however we invented EZJ to improve on the cone and with this head to head shows we did just that.  

So buy some Raw papers, but skip the cones and roll your own EZJ, you will save money.  By making it yourself.  You can have any paper you like plus EZJ  holds more,flows more and runs less.

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