EZ8 are 8 EZJ in rugged air tight containers rolled by Veterans in the USA

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Fact: 22 vets a day die from suicide related to PTSD issues, that number is cut in half in medically legal states but insufficient resources are given to the population to educate themselves about natural medicine.

Mission Statement: Combat PTSD by creating awareness, advocacy and employment for Veterans and their families.  

EZJ pre-rolled tubes fit on any cigarette filling machine.  They come in a crush proof, water tight case. EZJ rarely runs doesn't waste your medicine.  EZJ holds more than cones, outflows cones is designed to be stealthy.  Our EZJ tube look like a cigarette but have a crutch to allow all of the medicine through.

EZ8 Vet made Pre-rolls

EZ8 Pre-Rolls are made in New Mexico by our team of Veterans. They keep it local and make these for our customers who can't roll on their own. We pay a living wage and keep it out of China. No one else can say the same.

Posted by EZJ on Sunday, October 11, 2015


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